“Completely life changing. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Continuous gains and improvements across the board. Amazing trainers, amazing people. Couldn’t ask for a better place!”
– Anna Terry

“I dropped in for a few days a month over the summer. Great place to work out, welcoming community and a place that I will visit in the future. Great coaches, great vibe, tough workouts. Can’t wait to head back in next summer.”
– Aaron Dufford

“My wife Melody and I are from Orlando and we just dropped in to the 9 am Saturday class. What an awesome experience. We were quite impressed with Matt’s coaching. Not very often do you find a coach who goes through such detail. Very much appreciated. I personally loved slanging some big weight on a Saturday …. Plus my wife and I both through down some PR’s for our 1RM Split Jerk…. Boom! Next time we come back to New Hampshire, we will be sure to come back!… Also, if anyone is in Orlando, let us know!”
– Chris Stadler

“I joined [Juggernaut Fitness] in June of 2016, enrolled in a boot camp and got hooked. It’s more than a good work out, the coaches are extremely supportive of what ever level you are at and help you get to the next level. The friends I have made are a wonderful bonus. At 50 I was intimated at first by the workouts but soon learned there are members at all level and everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other – so thankful I joined [Juggernaut Fitness]!”
– Carrie Roberge

“Great place, very welcoming. Coaches were very knowledgable and helpful, even gave me homework despite being a drop in!”
– Michael Vezina

“This is not just a gym; it’s a community! The support is wonderful. I joined two years ago and it is the only place that has kept me motivated and engaged. I highly recommend [Juggernaut Fitness]!”
– Kathleen Sherman

“This is the best gym experience I’ve ever had. Great coaches, great people, great results. I used to be intimidated by the idea of crossfit, but now I’m sorry I waited so long to go. It truly is for all levels and ages… And the coaches are great about helping you from wherever you are at. Starting with boot camp was a great intro too!”
– Corey Gately

I visited [Juggernaut Fitness] today and it was amazing. I have been [training] for over 4 years now and I often visit other facilities while traveling. As an owner of a [gym] I hold other facilities to a very high standard. The front desk staff was welcoming, helpful, and very nice. The coach (owner Keith) came right over and introduced himself. It was a very welcoming class. The class began on time and ended on time. The warm-up, mobility, strength, and workout were gone through in adequate detail. The programming was good and the coaching was great. It’s always nice to walk away from the class with a few pointers 🙂 To top it all off, the facility was clean and organized. It seemed like there was a very family-friendly atmosphere there, which is important because I have kids who travel with us. All around great gym with good staff and great people.
– Sharon Ng

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