My name is Keith Britton and I am the Founder of CrossFit Juggernaut right here in Laconia, New Hampshire.  I felt the need to make a public statement about the national unrest around racism and the turmoil within CrossFit Headquarters.  I hope this statement helps you understand who we are, what we believe and where we stand.

I left Hollywood in 2011 after witnessing a lot of negativity and people obsessed with fame, money, and power. I decided that was not going to be me.

I returned to my home State of New Hampshire and founded this community out of a single car garage in 2012 with ONE IDEA and MISSION in mind;

to spread the power of positivity and to make people better one day at a time.  From day one, our motto has been “Forging Positive Leadership”.

I’ve had the privilege to leave New Hampshire and travel the world. For more than a decade in my past, I was in an interracial relationship.  I mention this because that experience helped me develop a better understanding of racism.  It helped me create a deeper empathy for the racism that happens globally every day. I am still listening and learning, but in many ways those past experiences made me a better person.

Some people would say, “why do we need to make a statement at all?”

WHY? Because sadly, racism does exist throughout the world on many sides, across many skin colors, cultures, and societies. In this moment, while our nation is coming to grips with its own history of racism and inequality, we want YOU to know where WE STAND.  That ALL are welcome here.

Why now? Because George Floyd would be alive right now if he did not become the fatal victim of the brutal and heartless police officers who arrested him. We stand against Police Brutality and we also stand WITH the GOOD police officers who keep us all safe. This world needs less division and more peaceful unity right now.  To the people who are hurting out there, we are with you. We empathize with your pain and we want you to know, you are not alone.

My Christian faith teaches me that ALL people in the HUMAN Race are born in the image of GOD and therefore you are my brothers and sisters that I shall not judge. So, let us not judge the anger, but rather empathize, listen and try to understand the frustrations of everyone.

I’m a person that believes deeply in actions over words, being the change and being the light you want to see in the world.  So, let me take a few moments to share with you what we believe in as a community and where we are going.

We want you to know that this Juggernaut community stands for the celebration of individualism.  SO BE WHO YOU ARE and it will be accepted here so long as you are Positive and you support each other.  We are a community who believes that the diversity of race, diversity of thought, and the inclusion of ALL people makes us better.  ALL Individuals will be respected and anyone on our staff or in our community who acts disrespectfully towards one another will be removed, without hesitation.

As it relates to CrossFit in general, I wanted to start by saying thank you to the entire community.  Over the years we have joined together to fight against preventable disease and save lives.  CrossFit in most instances has created incredibly diverse and inclusive gym communities all across the world.  Places where everyone knows your name, places where they don’t care about your preferences and background, and only care about cheering you on to YOUR GOALS!

To Greg Glassman, this is not the 1st time you have hurt people with your insensitive comments.  In addition, your company has been a public relations nightmare for many years and it’s worked against what we are all trying to accomplish in IN HEALTH & UNITY.  

This has been an alarming series of recent events.  First, your comments followed by deafening silence. Your juvenile and hurtful email responses to affiliates and NOW..

we are learning there could be much more to come in what sounds like a horrific culture at CrossFit HQ. My wife and I have 2 daughters so in response to Andy Stumpf, YES… I hope the truth surfaces and that justice is served where appropriate. 

My belief in the CrossFit methodology as the elegant and simple solution to chronic disease has not changed but… WE WILL NOT FOLLOW YOU.  

Abraham Lincoln once said: “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”  

We are grateful you have stepped down as CEO.  We appreciate your decision to liquidate your ownership in CrossFit.  

We will give the new CEO Eric Roza and CrossFit HQ six months and if the changes are not in line with OUR MISSION, then we sadly will not re-affiliate in January.

However, I have a renewed confidence that we as CrossFit community owners, members and leaders will come together to reinvent the company’s mission and to make sure this never happens again.

Regardless, we will be moving forward as “Juggernaut Fitness, the home of CrossFit Juggernaut” FOR NOW…


The Vision, the Mission and Core Values of this Juggernaut Community WILL NOT CHANGE. 

So, let’s come together in celebration of love for one another.

We love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

God Bless you all.


Our Vision:

We are a growing family of positive leaders dedicated to helping our members reach their goals.

“Our Family Helping Yours!”

Our Mission:

To spread the power of positive leadership.

Our Core Values:

The member experience always comes first.

We believe clean food & daily fitness is our best lifeboat against chronic disease.

We value servant leadership and working for the greater good of the community.

Individuals and their contributions will be valued and respected.