CrossFit is a great sport to help BOOST confidence, improve athletic performance, and get healthier.

Sport? Athletic Performance? Are you already starting to wonder “Is this for me?” Keep reading, because the answer is Y E S.

CrossFit is great for people of ANY age, gender, starting point or limitations. Here’s why:

It’s Scalable to your level RIGHT NOW.

So no matter what your age or starting point, all of the workouts/movements are scalable to your fitness and skill level. Our knowledgeable coaches are here to guide you with what those scaling options would be, for example:

If you can’t run a full mile, you can scale that down to a half mile. Or, if you can’t run at all, you can walk, bike or row. For those who can’t do pull-ups, we can scale to jumping pull-ups, negative pull-ups or ring rows! That’s just two examples! Every single movement in CrossFit can be scaled to meet your needs to where you are right now.

You can walk into a CrossFit gym with never working out a day in your life and still have the opportunity to get a great workout. Remember, just because you see a movement you have to scale, or a scale might be tough for you right now – KEEP WITH IT, in no time that movement will be way too easy for you!

Still sounds intimidating? We understand, and so does everyone else in class! At some point or other, everyone in the room has scaled a movement or two (or dozens). They may even be scaling things during that very same class!

Another beauty of CrossFit, we’re all routing for you. It doesn’t matter how you do the workout or how fast you move, we’re all in it together and we’re all pumped you’re getting started.